How to be a true Oktoberfest Champion:

  • GET YOUR DATES RIGHT. Due to the name "Oktoberfest", many assume this festival is limited to the month of October only... these people couldn't be more wrong! Oktoberfest begins in Munich, Germany with the official festival-launch keg tap on the weekend of 16th & 17th September. 
    In honour of our Bavarian brothers and their rich Oktoberfest heritage, we begin here in Australia with our Oktoberfest Street Parties on Saturday 16th September.
  • GET YOUR OUTFIT SORTED. Lederhosen and dirndl are essential uniform at Oktoberfest and honestly? Probably the only time of year they are acceptable dress! Don't take this opportunity for granted, get your Oktoberfest get-up now from our friends at at Costume Collection!
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  • BRING YOUR MATES. Catering for over 6 million people annually, the Oktoberfest tents are designed with the sole intention of a huge shared party, and Oktoberfest in Australia is no different. Call up your crew, settle in on one of our long tables and watch our bier maids perform amazing feats of strength carrying your order of Oktoberfestbier steins! Arguably the most important phrase to memorize for Oktoberfest is ‘Ein Bier, bitte!’ aka ‘A beer, please!’
  • EAT A PRETZEL (or 10). The worlds' favourite knotted bread has it's origins in Bavaria, and of course the original is the best! 
  • DON'T BECOME A "BIERLEICHEN" aka "bier corpse". People often misjudge the size of the our steins, or miss the fact that the Oktoberfestbier has an elevated 6.0% alcohol content (!!) and end their nights earlier than they would like... Be sure to accompany your steins with something tasty from our Oktoberfest feasting menus! 
  • PLACE SOME GOAT'S HAIR IN YOUR HAT. A highly sought after item throughout Germany, believe it or not; goat's hair in your Oktoberfest head-wear is a sign of wealth! 
  • BRUSH UP ON YOUR OOM PAH PAH DANCE MOVES. With traditional Bavarian bands and music playing throughout Oktoberfest your best moves are an absolute necessity. 
  • LEAVE YOUR INHIBITIONS AT THE DOOR. Oktoberfest is a party like no other, it is built around a huge shared experience across all ages and all types, so get in, grab a stein, be safe, savvy and HAVE FUN. 


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