The Oktoberfest celebrations in Munich have by far become the biggest party globally and, to celebrate on the other side of the world, we are bringing the traditional Oktoberfestbiers to you.  

Distilled within the confines of the Munich City district, and made by abiding to ancient laws and practices, the Oktoberfestbiers are brewed to the absolute highest standard, and, are only available once a year!  For example, The German Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot) states that bier may only contain four ingredients; water, hops, malt, and yeast – ensuring the biers are of top quality and taste. 

Available on rotation in all venues, we will bring you the following traditional biers over the Oktoberfest period:





Löwenbräu Oktoberfestbier, 6.2%

Can’t make it to Munich this October?
Not to worry – this bright, sparkling brew provides an authentic taste of Oktoberfest, & from half a world away will let you drink in the joy of the world’s greatest festival.

Served at the very first Oktoberfest celebrations back in 1810, Löwenbräu is a full-bodied & malty brew with a hint of spice & a yeasty tang. So whether you choose to wear your lederhosen or dirndl or not, Löwenbräu is sure to Release Your Inner Bavarian after the very first sip.

Style: Oktoberfest / Märzen  |  Appearance: Bright & sparkling fluffy, creamy white head  |  Aroma: Malty & grassy hops  |  Palate: Full bodied, malty with a hint of spice, perfectly balanced hops & a yeasty tang.






Spaten Oktoberfestbier, 5.9%

Fancy a Bier with theLord Mayor of Munich? 

Then order up a Spaten – it’s the brew that kicks off Oktoberfest when Munich’s head-honcho knocks the tap into the Spaten keg & yells, “O’zapft is!” (“It’s tapped!”) 

A full-flavoured brew boasting a malty sweetness with hints of fruit & nuts, Spaten was first created in a small Munich ‘brew’ pub way back in 1397. Josef Sedimayr famously introduced the first amber-coloured Oktoberfestbier in the Shottenhamel tent in 1872 – it’s worth noting that the original wort has to be between 13-14%. That calls for a toast to Josef, Gabriel & the Lord Mayor...O’zapft is!

Style: Oktoberfest / Märzen  |  Appearance: Brilliant pale gold  |  Aroma: Malt caramel & herbal hops  |  Palate: Full flavoured malty sweetness supported by some nuttiness & fruit character. Perfectly balanced herbal hops finishing with mild bitterness.

Hofbrau Oktoberfestbier, 6.3%

Think Oktoberfest is a hardcore tradition in Bavaria? Drinking Hofbräu is even more so. Back in 1589 Duke Wilhelm V of Bavaria was counting his pennies when he realised that building his own brewery would be an economical way to keep the royal court quenched. In no time at all, Hofbräuhaus was born. You mightn’t be in the royal court, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this strong & regal Bier that’s been keeping discerning Bier lovers happy for over 400 years. It’s as important as Oktoberfest itself – so let’s clink a stein to this tasty royal brew!

Style: Oktoberfest / Märzen  |  Appearance: Rich & inviting  |  Aroma: Malts, yeast & spice... brilliant!  |  Palate: Grainy malt character, subtle bready notes, slightly spicy with a deliciously bitter finish. Beautifully suited to traditional Bavarian cuisine being rich & full of character.



Paulaner Oktoberfestbier, 6.0%

Following the crowd? Then start here.
Paulaner Oktoberfestbier dominates the Munich Oktoberfest – it’s so popular that over one million steins are served each year over the 16 days. It has so many fans that Paulaner is the only brewery to produce Oktoberfestbier all year round.

Largered for 4 weeks to bring out the rich flavour, it was originally conjured up in a Bavarian monastery by Pauline monks. Forced to fast on bread & water during Lent the clever monks reasoned that Bier could be brewed as ‘liquid bread’. This allowed them to get sustenance without breaking their fast –
how’s that for a heavenly solution?

Style: Oktoberfest / Märzen  |  Appearance: Rich yellow – gold  |  Aroma: Honey malt & flowery hops  |  Palate:  Highly satisfying & truly thirst quenching, it has a light honeyed malt character dominant & elegant flowery hops aftertaste.


Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfestbier, 5.8%

You can’t get a party started without a celebratory brew.
In October 1810 Crown Prince Ludwig was about to get hitched to the lovely Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. Prince Lud asked Joseph Pschorr to create a special Bier for the occasion. Joe put his mind to it & created the Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfestbier. It was such a hit that the wedding turned into a festival & 203 years later they’re still celebrating Oktoberfest on the land Joe
left behind.

This tasty brew represents the coming together of two Munich brewing families – Hackerbräu was founded in 1417 & Joseph Pschorr established Pschorrbräu in the late 1700s. He then married into the Hacker family & went on to purchase Hackerbräu from his father-in-law. Cheers to all the happy couples!

Style: Oktoberfest / Märzen  |  Appearance: Captivating brilliant pale gold  |  Aroma: Malts, nuts & citrus hops  |  Palate: Subtle malt caramels balanced with hints of nuts & citrus. Finishes with slight bitterness & restrained sweetness. Oh so easy drinking!