This Oktoberfest 2017, we are giving you the chance to become an official OKTOBER-BOSS.


What’s an Oktober-Boss you ask?

An Oktober-Boss is a brilliant individual who has shown their unwavering commitment and absolute dedication to ALL things Oktoberfest.


How does one become an Oktober-Boss?

Easy as stein!

Your dedication to the legendary annual festival is recognised via a number of Oktoberfest-inspired challenges which you must complete at some point over the Oktoberfest period aka Sep 16th ‘til Oct 29th.

The Oktoberfest Challenges:

  1. DRINK 4x 1L steins of our official Oktoberfest biers

  2. DRINK 1x schnapps

  3. EAT 1x pretzel

  4. EAT 1x schnitzel

  5. EAT 1x pork knuckle (1/2 or whole)


REMINDER: You have a full 6 weeks to complete these challenges – so no need to rush! Take your time and embrace all the Oktoberfestivities!


How does one prove they have completed all of the above?

Before you begin the road to boss status, you’ll need to drop into your local Bavarian Bier Café, The Bavarian or Munich Brauhaus venue to pick up your official Oktober-Boss challenge booklet. This bad boy will have an individual spot for each Oktoberfest task, as you complete them, our lovely in-venue staff will stamp them off.

Each stamp brings you closer and closer to become a boss.

*booklets available in all venues from Saturday 16th Sep.


What does one receive if they become and Oktober-Boss?

You mean aside from eternal bragging rights? All Oktober-bosses will receive:

  1. Official Oktober-boss 2017 t-shirt

  2. Exclusive invite for 2pax to your local Oktoberfest Closing Party

  3. Collectors-edition lederhosen or dirndl stein


You’ve completed every challenge, full to the brim with pork knuckle, pretzels & bier and ready to redeem your prize?

Simply hand your completed challenge booklet in at any Bavarian Bier Café, The Bavarian or Munich Brauhaus venue and get ready for the endless worship, respect and admiration you’ll receive from everyone around you. You have unlocked the ultimate Oktoberfest status. Ja! You are an OKTOBER-BOSS.